Vintec Africa is a professional solution provider, offering holistic cost affective and efficient solutions which match a companies individual needs. It is our goal to provide our clients with the necessary (robust, secure and easy to use) solutions which will optimize their "Energy Efficiency", therefore enabling them to reduce cost and meet the regulatory requirements.

Established in 2008, the company has a proud track record. A visionary company which has introduced many innovative & cutting edge solutions to the South African market, years ahead of the competition.  


Vintec Knowledge Ltd (Company Structure)

VINTEC Knowledge Ltd is a private company specializing in saving energy in the industrial and commercial lighting field, particularly high usage facilities. Vintec Team specializes in front end technologies for helping mangers to save electrical energy.
Vintec's founder is Jacob Nuriel (CEO), an experienced & entrepreneurial Executive with a proven track record of developing multi-million dollar businesses with extensive electrical engineering training. The Vintec team develops, designs, assembles, markets, sells, and services our products worldwide.

Currently Vintec offers four different technologies:

  • Magnetic technology - Light Energy Savers family
  • Electronic technology - Dimmable Ballast family
  • Solar technology - for street & commercial signs
  • Photometric Technology - reflectors for discharge lamps

Vintec is committed to a market-oriented philosophy and seeks to assist customers in eliminating unnecessary wastage, reducing energy consumption and saving costs. No matter who the supplier is, no matter what the kWh tariff, Vintec aims to save 20% - and more- on the electricity bill by reducing consumption of electricity in discharge lighting. These savings are gained by incorporating Vintec's four unique technologies.

Those four technologies are a major breakthrough and herald a new era in electrical energy control. Vintec works in association with business partners all over the world which provide total light energy solutions to their local market (usually energy saving contractors, electrical contractors or whole sale companies).

Company Structure