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Mobile Classrooms - Evolution of educational units

Modular Classrooms to Buy or Rent giving you Immediate Space

For many people, the mental image of a mobile classroom looks like something out of the 17th century: rickety walls placed on top of trailers that will collapse if a pupil sneezes.

Today, the reality is quite the opposite. The educational units can be set up much the same as a regular classroom. These mobile classrooms are true modular buildings that you can buy or rent!


Mobile Classrooms & Education Units


Benefits of using the Mobile educational units:


        Instant accommodation

        Fully relocatable

        No building delays




        Minimal disruption

        No extensive site preparation

        Ideal for remote or rural areas


Immediate classroom space

Choose from a wide range of choices with our modular classrooms to give the pupils and teachers an ideal learning environments. Some of these choices include:


        Pin boards

        Chalk boards




        Additional power points

        Air conditioning

        Power skirting



Choose from a selection of sizes to get modular classrooms to suit you!