What is a pit latrine?

It is the most commonly used sanitation system in the world. It consists of

a hole in the ground and is generally accompanied by a top structure which

may vary from province to province.


In very simple terms it can be termed ‘an extension of the stomach.’

The stomach contains and produces bacteria and enzymes that break down

the food we eat.

The pit latrine also contains bacteria and enzymes that continue the break

down process.

Just as we strive to keep our bodies healthy and in good working order, we

need to do the same for our toilets. We would not drink anything that would

harm our bodies so why not do the same for your toilet? By using good

disinfectants like Jik, Jeyes Fluid, Bleach, acids and Shibhoshi we kill off all

the friendly bacteria in the pit latrine and the pit becomes ‘sick’ which

results in the pit filling up.