Electricity for every Burundian within 4 years


A few weeks ago the government of the Republic of Burundi decide to team with our Israeli company Vintec Knowledge Ltd. to build solar power station for the state. I'm proud of our company directors who did a great job.Jacob Nuriel M.D & CEO


On April 28 The Minister of Mines and Energy Mr. Moise Bucumi accompanied by the Director General of Regideso, Mr. Celestin Nduwamungu visited Israel to meet engineering entity specializing in Solar Electric Energy Generation. The visit was supported by The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute with the objective of expanding the utilization of alternative energy solutions with high emphasis on Solar Energy.


Vintec&Buri1.JPGDuring the visit a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Minister of Mines and Energy and the Israeli entity to promote construction of Solar Electric Energy Generation Stations in Burundi. The objective and plans of The Minister and the Director General of Regideso is to get the first Solar Station operational by the spring of 2011 and within four years to multiply the solar electric power production by 5 folds so by 2014 every Burundian household will have direct electric energy supply.



Vintec&Buri2.JPGThe Government of Burundi together with international economic and industrial organizations analysed the alternatives and reached the conclusion that the best alternative for the wealth of Burundi citizens will be to generate Solar Electric Energy while the sun is available everywhere, the energy is absolutely clean, Solar generation will be distributed across Burundi soon and will optimize the national expenditure of the Burundi. The delegation appreciates and values Israeli technology, creativity and long experience in this domain with similar climate condition to Burundi and above all its motivation to support International Cooperation.

It was concluded to further nurture the cooperation in order to supply electricity to every residence in Burundi by year 2014