VINTEC's unique customer oriented solutions

Magnetic & Electronic Technologies
On the surface it appears that VINTEC sells equipment. What we actually sell is the means to eliminate wastage, to achieve savings of energy and resources, and therefore save money to the end user. No matter who the supplier is, no matter what the kWh tariff, our energy saving technology saves money. Our two products Light Energy Saver (LES)  and Electronic Ballast reduce the consumption of electricity and thus save the end user money.


Solar Technology Saves 100 % Light Energy
Currently throughout the world there is an indication of a clear and consistent trend: a transition to LED based lighting technology.
Vintec's breakthrough in the electronics, optics and design of illuminated information displays offer value-added products to consumer, commercial and municipal markets. These Solar Information Signs save our customers 95% - 100% energy.


Photometric technology increase the Lux level
In the commercial and industrial applications, most of the existing reflectors for high bay and low bay discharge lamps were designed in inefficient ways.
Vintec innovation offers special Cone Reflectors with straight sides which allow the light to focus downwards. The Reflector increases the lux level up to 50% which saves up to 50% of the energy required.

Vintec is a one stop shop that offers a complete solution from the smallest to the largest application. Vintec's products supply light energy saving solutions for warehouses, shopping centers, factories, parking places, hospitals, gas stations, offices, street lighting and hotels.