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“Solo” Solar Geyser     




The unit is unique because it can be used in four different INSTALLATIONS. I’ve highlighted the market segments to show you the potential. The units are also modular in that they can be coupled together to provide higher capacities, e.g. 100l, 200l, 300l, and so on. 


Market Segment


Installation type


Usually no electricity so no electric geyser



To JoJo tank

Direct input via a funnel and bucket

JoJo - Basic



To electric geyser

Retrofit, without thermosiphon pump, or controller, which can also be supplied.


The pricing above is our dealer special pricing and direct retail sales are much higher to cater for the installation work, modifications to plumbing, especially on the retrofit installations. The cost of the stand in the event that the home has a flat roof is also extra and costs around R450. The brochure would need to be changed to suit the market which you wish to target as people outside of SA will not qualify for the Eskom rebate. However, you should also be aware that Eskom and the Department of Energy have also announced that the rebate system will be ceasing as at the end of March 2012.